Our Registered Nurses

Rachelle and dog

Rachelle came into Veterinary Nursing in 2010, after completing a science degree and spending a year in Japan. She completed her studies via traineeship in 2012. Her interests include singing and performing in a live funk / reggae band. She has had both cats and dogs in the past, and is currently the proud owner of a Siamese fighting fish named Tama!

jess and cat

Jess is an experienced Veterinary Nurse who graduated at Applied Vocational Training in 2006. She spent a year working in the Perth Zoo Veterinary Department doing Nursing throughout 2012 and 2013. Her interests include cooking, travelling and netball.

Therese nurse

Therese is an experienced Veterinary Nurse who completed her Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing in 2008. She has only just moved to Australia after living and working in the UK and Ireland. Her interest’s including travelling, reading, music and swimming.

Taylor nurse

Taylor graduated from Applied Vocational Training in 2013 having previously worked throughout the pet industry before becoming apart of our team. Her interests are sports, travelling and shopping. She has a crazy kitten called Tigger.

jane nurse

Jane graduated in New Zealand from the Southern Institute of Technology in 2012. Her interests include traveling, snowboarding and horse riding.